Good for you - good for the planet


Plastic pollution has become a global concern as our planet is drowning in plastic litter waste and microplastics. More than 40% of plastic waste comes from packaging and only 9% of plastic waste is recycled globally.

As consumers we have enormous power. We can change the world by making small daily changes, starting in the shower!

We have a dream: replacing every plastic shampoo and bodywash bottle with our plastic free, aluminium packaged tabs!

Join our dream 

Together we can make a difference


    Zero Plastic Outside 
    Nearly half of all plastic ever manufactured has been made since 2000. 
    One million plastic bottles are sold worldwide every minute. Just 7% are transformed or recyclced into new bottles. 
    We want to be part of the solutionOur packaging is entirely plastic free. 

    Zero Plastic inside

    When we think of the plastic problem related to a beauty product our mind immediatley sees a plastic bottle or plastic packaging. 

    Few people are aware that plastic is a hidden ingredient inside many cosmetics and personal care products. It is invisible to the eye and often quite difficult to detect. In cosmetics, “microplastic” refers to all types of tiny plastic particles (smaller than 5mm) that are intentionally added to cosmetics and personal care products, often used as emulsifying agents or just as cheap fillers.

    Using body washes or cosmetics that contain microplastics can put the ocean, ourselves and our children and the whole planet at risk. 

    Our NONO personal care products are entirely free of any microplastic ingredients and we are a proudly certified Zero Plastic Inside brand.  


    Say goodbye to preservatives and say hello to organic oils and butters that take care of your skin and hair!

    Our solid tabs have a concentrated formula and we do not need to add any preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Organic plant butters and oils combine easily to care for your skin and hair.


    The average bottle of shampoo is diluted with up to 60% water. For conditioner, it’s around 90%. Why waste precious water when you can go solid?


    Aluminium is the perfect green choice for NONO lab tablets:

    • It can be recycled endless times.
    • It provides the best protection for the tablets, maintaining the products’ properties and quality over time.
    • Aluminium doesn’t rust so you can leave it your shower or bathroom.
    • It is lightweight so it’s perfect for travel!

    We are happy and proud that our aluminium packaging is entirely made in Europe.
    Please recycle the tin in your metal recycling bin or upcycle it to use it in your home again and again. It is food grade so how about using it for a snack, small leftovers or spices... the uses are so many!


    Every single choice matters. Your choice matters.