why single use tablets are the best

Did you ever have a great idea under the shower?

We did! It all started in the bathroom.

Tired of beauty products coming in plastic (like 99.9% unfortunately are), not really aware of what we were putting on our scalp and skin, not knowing the impact of all that foam going down the drain, we thought we could make our own shampoo and body wash. 

It had to be:

- with 100% plant based ingredients

- plastic free

- environmentally friendly

We made it. And we made it good for you and good for the planet.

Even better, we created a unique and innovative product: shampoo and body wash in tablets. Easy to use, to carry, and very handy for travel, sports or open air adventures. 

Shampoo in pills. How cool is that? 

Solid beauty care products are a green revolution because they are a solution to the plastic problem. They come naked, almost no packaging is required. BUT… they are not perfect. Shampoo bars stay wet and soggy in your bathroom.

When formulating our products we wanted to solve this problem. NONO lab tablets are new – and of course dry – at each use. This means that you get rid of droopy bars in your shower.

You have a product that comes new each time, with great cleaning and softening performances each time you wash your hair or body.

How do the shampoo tablets work? 

3 easy steps to use NONO lab tablets and get the best from them:

1. take a tablet, wet it, and rub it in your hands with some water
2. pinch the tab and crush it to form a paste
3. massage the paste into wet hair, and let the magic work

A thick and creamy foam will form! Carry on massaging it in your hair.
To get the best from the tabs, make sure you wet the tab, and use it on dripping wet hair! 

ENJOY your zero waste, single use, zero plastic shampoo experience! 

How do the body wash tablets work? 

Rub the tab in your wet hands to start the lather and massage all over your body until fully dissolved.

It's that easy!